Sussex Asphalte sign up to the Prompt Payment Code

Sussex Asphalte is delighted to announce that we have signed up the Prompt Payment Code (PPC).

Sussex Asphalte recognises the importance of supporting its suppliers and sub-contractors by paying suppliers on time, without changing the terms or practice on payment retrospectively; providing suppliers with clear and easy to use guidance on payment procedures to suppliers; and spreading good practice by encouraging lead suppliers to adopt the PPC throughout their own supply chains.

In addition, signatories undertake to pay suppliers within a maximum of 60 days while working towards adopting 30 days as the norm, and to avoid practices that adversely affect the supply chain.

The PPC sets the Gold Standard in payment terms and plays an important role in bringing about a culture change in payment practices.

Commenting on signing up to the PPC, Director Julian Coulter said “We want to treat our suppliers and sub-contractors in the same way we expect to be treated by our clients: by making prompt payments and the payment process clear and simple. We would certainly encourage our suppliers and clients to support the PPC. It’s an important way to support small business and the local economy.”

The PPC is administered by the Chartered Institute for Credit Management (CICM) on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The CICM assess the performance of Code signatories every six months to check they are continuing to support the principles of the PPC.

Details of the PPC can be found at:

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