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Project Description


Reinforced Bitumen Membrane

Project Description:

Sussex Asphalte was the main contractor in this project to renew the RBM flat roof to Winchelsea, a three-storey block of flats close to Worthing seafront.

Covering 800m2, the installation was undertaken in 3 phases, using IKO High-Performance Goldseal System and IKO Insulation

The project involved high skill works: in addition to installing a tapered insulation scheme. The change in roof levels caused by the installation of insulation required adjustments to the doors and windows of the Tank Room. Works also took place to renew rainwater outlets and pipes, fit new chimney pots, renew lead flashing and repoint chimneys.

As part of the project, Sussex Asphalte took the innovative step of commissioning two aerial drone surveys that were used to show residents the progress and details of the work taking place on their roof. This also helped to reduce the risk of residents going on the roof to view works, which received positive feedback:

The Directors thought this was a very worthwhile exercise and the resulting footage was shown at this year’s AGM, to great interest from the residents. It also helped those of us unable to get up on the roof see exactly what was being done.”

Additional Information:

Sussex Asphalte developed a close working relationship with the residents of Winchelsea Court holding meetings on a weekly basis to provide regular progress updates and to deal with any queries or variations to the contract that occurred, such as agreeing a new trim edge.

Generally, from both the Director and the resident point of view, we thought Sussex Asphalte were one of the best contractors we have worked with… we always felt as though we knew exactly what was being done.”

C Roberts, Harlington Management Co. Winchelsea Court

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