Chartwell House, Eastbourne 2019-05-13T11:46:26+00:00

Project Description


Mastic Asphalt


Chartwell House, a residential block of residences required stripping the existing poorly designed roof terrace over existing businesses and providing access and outdoor space to domestic flats. The existing overlaid asphalt, perimeter walls and chipboard all had to be removed and replaced keeping shops below dry and safe and access to residents’ homes constant and available.  Alongside this we had to redesign the falls to create them to drain rainwater into and avoid ponding.

When working on roofs above occupied buildings, safety and minimal disruption is always of utmost importance, alongside planning our works around other contractors such as metalworkers, carpenters and brick layers.

The terraces were completed with Rubbertec black tiles and the perimeter edges painted in white solar reflective paint.


Project Details