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Project Description


Mastic Asphalt


Sussex Asphalte Ltd removed all existing coping stones to the East elevation parapet walls and set aside for reuse, stripped the main flat roof and replaced the vapour control layer, insulation and waterproofing of the 343m² roof. Additional works were carried out such as supplying and fitting black GRP trim, works on the abutment walls and chimney stacks and code 4 lead flashings.The extremely old roof area 340m²was covered in complete hot water central heating system servicing the whole building tank rooms, inspection hatches, insulated cast iron pipes and tanks all over the roof had to be dismantled and removed from site, once asbestos had been removed by an independent contractor prior to commencement.

Once the central hearing had been dismantled and removed from site, the existing asphalt circa 1910 was then stripped in section that could be weathered daily using IKO SA vapour control layer once timber repairs to the structure and deck had been carried out.IKO Enertherm PIR insulation and permaphalt mastic asphalt was installed along with new roof lights, lead aprons and flashings and solar paint all to IKOs specification providing a 20 year guarantee.

Project Details