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Project Description


Mastic Asphalt


Located in an affluent suburb in south east London, Queen Mary House closed after 143 years providing a home to retired Governesses and teachers, It was subsequently transformed by McCarthy & Stone into a development of luxury one and two bedroom apartments for those over 70. During the redevelopment work, Sussex Asphalte applied mastic asphalt to the flat roof areas. For several months it was used as a loading bay for other trades such as the roof tilers, bricklayers and scaffolders. Despite heavy materials such as bricks and plant repeatedly being placed on the roof during construction work, there were only very small indentations that needed minor repairs prior to finishing with two coats of solar reflective paint.

Originally a single ply roofing system was specified for the Queen Mary House project but it was changed as it wasn’t fit for purpose. Single Ply is very much weather dependant and is not intended for walking on. The specification was changed to Mastic Asphalt as it is tried and tested. Once mastic asphalt is down, it’s down and is very difficult to damage it. In the event that you do damage it, it’s very easy to repair.


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