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Project Description


Mastic Asphalt


The Park Gate project presented some technical challenges and is of interest as the mastic asphalt roof finish acted as the base for a new 400 solar panel array installed on the roof – demonstrating the versatility and robustness of asphalt as both a seamless waterproof covering, and a strong base for installations.

The project involved stripping the existing asphalt that was originally installed in 1970 and to replace the failed existing built up felt roofing that was installed when the block was first built. The installation of 140mm insulation required the replacement of all glass panelled lift motor rooms.

The project required complete re-roofing, maintaining a safe working environment for operatives and residents throughout, and ensuring a working watertight building during the repairs, minimising disruption to over 100 residential properties in Park Gate.

The materials used on the project were:

IKO Permaphalt Mastic Asphalt,

  • 140mm PIG MG Insulation Board (IKO Enertherm)
  • IKO systems SA Vapour control layer
  • The roof area was 2000m2

Additional Information:

Park Gate is of design interest being one of architect Eric Lyons’ 1950’s SPAN developments that sought to create communities in well-designed buildings around high quality communal gardens.

The combination of a renewed mastic asphalt roof incorporating insulation and supporting solar panels has significantly improved the energy efficiency, reducing resident’s energy bills.

The project successfully protected the architectural integrity of Park Gate, repaired a failing roof, and significantly improved its energy efficiency performance.


Project Details