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Project Description


Cold Applied Liquid



Lorraine Court, a residential block located in Hove, required refurbishment works to the butterfly roof with a central asphalt gutter, due to cracks and splits caused by UV wear and water ingress had occurred.  To prevent further leaks and damage, Proteus Waterproofing was appointed to provide a fast, reliable and high-quality solution which would extend the life of the gutters.

Offering a solution within the resident’s budget that would provide a long-term guarantee, Proteus Pro-System (R) Plus is UK made and was chosen for its low odour, cold applied, seamless application.  Being a seamless cold liquid membrane, Proteus Pro-System (R) Plus could easily overlay the existing asphalt, minimising disruption to the residents and ensuring that the project was successfully delivered to a very high standard, providing the client with a long-lasting solution.

When working on roofs above occupied buildings, safety and minimal disruption is always of utmost importance and Proteus Waterpoorfings liquid applied systems are cold installed and therefore remove the risk of fire to the building.  The low odour, low noise application allowed Sussex Asphalte Ltd to complete the works safely, meeting all health and safety criteria.

Additional Information:

As the existing roof was suitable to accept the Proteus Pro-System Plus waterproofing, this was installed and now provides a completely seamless waterproof protection and has excellent UV stability and providing a 30 year guarantee.


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