Fairholme Road, Newhaven 2019-06-14T13:15:39+00:00

Project Description


Mastic Asphalt


The project involved stripping 27m² of defective ground floor roof terrace and installing new 25mm two coat mastic asphalt recreational duty grade. First layer 10mm roofing grade IKO mastic asphalt to BS6925/1/T25/988T on and including sheathing felt underlay. Second layer 15mm recreational duty grade IKO mastic asphalt to BS6925/1/T25/1447 with added 6mm granite chipping at 25%, finished with Retroflect solar reflective white paint around the edge details.

Mastic asphalt recreational duty will comfortably accept foot traffic. However, as this roof terrace will have point loading – ie, tables and chairs – we recommended the laying of promenade tiles, which the client chose grey Castle GRC Riven promenade tiles.

Transforming the look of this terrace, skillfully applied, flat roof promenade tiles and flat roof balcony tiles can provide additional outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing.


Project Details