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Project Description


Built up Felt


Area: Flat – 350m²  Detailing – 57m²

This project involved stripping the existing flat roof coverings and replacing with a Garland Stress Ply Flex Plus Bituminous Waterproofing Warm Roof System including the renewal of rooflights, new UPVC windows and infilling now unused windows.

The project was undertaken during Autumn on an occupied school site apart from one half term week. As such ensuring robust health and safety practice was essential, completing risk assessments (including scaffolding sub-contractor), methods statements, and the Site Safety Plan prior to works commencing.

The contract commenced mid-October with a target of completion in eight weeks. Given the potential for adverse weather during October / November and the need to ensure water-tightness throughout, the timetable was potentially challenging.

Sussex Asphalte operated as the main contractor at this project. This required the management and co-ordination of five sub-contractors alongside our own operatives: scaffolders; lightning conductor engineer; welfare unit provision; window contractor; and an electrical engineer.

Through our Contract Management system orders to sub-contractors were made in a timely manner, and their works were co-ordinated effectively by our Contract Manager, Office Manager, and Site Supervisor. This included managing the project to arrange all of the work to windows, rooflights and cables taking place when the school was empty during half term week.

During the works our Contract Manager and Site Supervisor identified a potential problem with the window replacements. We suggested solutions involving fitting a window without an opener and boarding up another. The Contract Manager consulted with the client and School Building Manager on these proposals, both of which were approved. We also undertook a temporary repair to another school roof on-site to make it water-tight and extend its operation until a full roof replacement can take place.

Despite adverse weather, factoring in time to consult on and agree variations to the windows, and undertaking the additional roof repair, the project kept to its timetable of eight weeks and within the budget set by the client. This was achieved by ensuring thorough contract management and having a dedicated group of Sussex Asphalte operatives on site throughout the project until its completion.



Project Details