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Project Description


Mastic Asphalt


Sussex Asphalte recently replaced the main flat roof and east side bay roof of One of South London’s hidden gems, this unique Grade II listed 18th century Water Tower.  As the name suggests, this contained a water powered pump, which supplied water to Carshalton House and the fountains in it’s garden. The restored remains of a water wheel can be seen within the wheel pit of the pump chamber. This powered the pumps which lifted fresh spring water, from below this chamber, into a cistern, housed in the structure’s crowning tower.

Replacing the existing asphalt 125m², due to water ingress effecting the building below. The existing coverings were stripped back to the deck and asphalt was laid in two coats providing a 20 year guarantee, by far the best option for durability, performance and the best way to conserve a 18th century structure. Finished with Heritage grey solar reflective paint.

The water tower is open regularly and it is also possible to have a guided tour of the gardens and visit the Hermitage, a restored Grade II listed folly.

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