Sussex Asphalte Awards Two New Apprentices

Sussex Asphalte is committed to investing in the future of the industry and trade for reinforced bitumen membrane and mastic asphalt and two more apprentices follow a long line of Mastic Asphalters who have been supported through their apprenticeship by the company including directors Julian and Matthew Coulter.

Harry has been with us since 2017 and has been shadowing one of our charge hands who has previously been to Hackney College and completed the 4 year apprenticeship programme. Harry will now start year 1 at Hackney College on a day release basis where apprentices learn to make their own tools, asphalt floats, learn theory and practise the high skilled craft of laying asphalt. Sussex Asphalte are proud to continuously send apprentices to college year on year to inject much needed young aspiration into the skilled trade.

Keeley has been with us since 2018 and has been offered a fabulous new and exciting Trailblazer Roofing Apprenticeship Diploma which is being run by Langley at Advance TECC, Leytonstone, East London. At the end of the course Keeley will achieve a Level 3 diploma.

We are delighted and proud to have a total currently of 5 apprentices currently studying and working through different levels of years to support and expand the industry.

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