Sussex Asphalte Apprentice Passes with Distinction!

Sussex Asphalte’s Oliver Boys has passed his Year 2 Mastic Asphalt Apprenticeship with Distinction. Ollie attends Hackney College on a Day Release basis where apprentices learn to make their own tools – asphalt floats – learn theory and practice the highly skilled hand craft of laying asphalt.   Apprenticeship training takes place in a state-of-the art workshop that is set up as a real-life work site, including a 1-tonne asphalt mixer.

Sussex Asphalte is committed to investing in the future of the trade and Ollie follows a long line of Mastic Asphalters who have been supported through their apprenticeship by the Company, including Directors Julian and Matthew Coulter.

Ollie will now move on to Year 3 of his Mastic Asphalt Apprenticeship, while continuing to apply the skills he has learnt at College out on site, and developing a career in Mastic Asphalt.

More information about the Mastic Asphalt Apprenticeship at Hackney College can be found at:


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