Sponsors for Sir Robert Woodard Academy Kenya 2018 Trip

Sussex Asphalte recently supported Michaela Penny, one of their employees daughter, on her school trip to Kenya. Michaela kept a diary about her fantastic time in Africa and we are delighted to share her experiences with you:

We stared the trip at school and travelled to Heathrow for our flight, which took 8 hours. When we landed it was raining but it was warm, which was nice. We set off in a church van on a long and bumpy road. On the way we did some sight seeing, spotting zebras baboons, cows, goats and dogs, and ate pancakes with strawberries.

On Monday we had our first full day in Kenya going to Mama Kerrys School for Poor and Abandoned Children. The school is a chance for the children to get education and a better life. When we arrived the children were in a group and sang to us. Then we set up a lesson and started teaching English (alphabet and spelling), followed by some Maths. The children were really happy and in the afternoon we spent time playing with them. I met Faith, Dolphine and Barbra who are all 16. 

On Tuesday the lessons were about animals, and we made some decorations of animal pictures using glitter, pens and pencils. Faith gave me a bracelet to remind me of her.

During the week we had lots of really nice meals and snacks but I missed my Mum’s chilli con carne. 

On our third day I was doing construction, cementing the floor. It felt really good putting a helping hand into making the new classroom for the children. I also spent more time with Faith, Dolphine and Barbra. Back at the hotel we played rounders, sang loads of songs and all had laughs, making some amazing memories.

At the school on Thursday we talked about countries and continents. I met Charlie who was really nice. Charlie and the girls wrote their names on paper for me to remember them. We played football in the afternoon, went souvenir shopping and saw some amazing views. Back at the hotel we got ready for a performance for the children on Friday, learning songs. We also played games, sang songs and learned a dance together. 

Friday was our last day at the school and time to see the children for the last time. I’d become so close to Charlie and Dolphine and I will try to keep in touch with them because later in life I would love to see them again. Before break I was able to bake and make chapatis – we made them for the children and for us it was amazing to see their smiling faces when they received their food. We finished the construction, painting the the front where the door is. Then it was performance time, starting with the three songs we put together. The children’s reaction was heart warming and we had become so close to them. Saying goodbye to Charlie, Dolphine, Faith and Barbra was the worst – I didn’t want to say it, and on the way back we were very quiet and sad.

The next day on our journey back to the airport we visited a Giraffe Centre and got to feed them and take photos. On our last night we all got together to go over the week, look at photos and videos, and give our prizes. It was an emotional week, I have never experienced something so amazing but sad at the same time. I can’t wait to try and help more people and maybe go back.  I hope I can stay close with everyone that has made this trip an amazing experience – all of my friends and the teachers. 

The donation of money for water from Sussex Asphalte meant I didn’t have to worry about buying it to stay hydrated and healthy. This meant I was able to buy more souvenirs in the school’s shop to donate to the children. To anyone that can go out there you should go. It has changed me for the better and I cant wait to see if I can go back.

Michaela Penny,



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